Our modern process of deflagrating the explosive, recognised as a specialist military technique, enables the explosive fill to gently “deflagrate” or be ‘burnt out’ vice a violent detonation. This action on the munition renders it safe enabling its metal casing to be subsequently recovered as scrap.  Any remaining explosive is collected via our specialist collection system to be disposed of safely ashore.


The ability to deliver these low order deflagration techniques through our range of explosive tools allows us to deliver the next generation of UXO clearance capability that not only ensures increased levels of safety of the personnel and assets involved in the UXO clearance process, but importantly, it also minimises the impact on the marine environment. This methodology also brings with it significant cost efficiencies. In short, we are able to:

  • Significantly reduce environmental impact

  • Increase personnel and asset safety

  • Deliver significant cost efficiencies


EODEX leads the pack in delivering this specialist capability and through education and innovation, we are transforming the way companies are now able to undertake subsea projects requiring UXO clearance operations.

500kg for Low Order.png

500kg air dropped bomb pre low order deflagration

500kg post Low Order.png

500kg air dropped bomb post post low order deflagration

Pictures showing a 500kg air dropped bomb successfully deflagrated.