1. UXO Risk Consultancy



Our teams of experienced Maritime Explosive Ordnance Disposal specialists are able to offer comprehensive risk mitigation advice to support any subsea UXO clearance project.


The extensive knowledge and experience we have accrued in a range of operations mean we are able to offer industry leading and safe solutions to mitigate the UXO risk.

Eodex UK Ltd Logo
Eodex UK Ltd Logo

2. Client Representation



EODEX sits as an independent organisation that is structured to ensure that our clients receive an unparalleled level of support and service to fully meet their UXO mitigation requirements.


Our specialists, all former Royal Navy Advanced Underwater EOD Operators, hold the highest recognised military qualifications to assist the client in ensuring their UXO operation is conducted to the highest professional standards.


It is only by employing the very best Maritime EOD professionals holding the highest military professional qualifications and accreditations, we are able to deliver against the most complex offshore UXO requirements to support the client.