Having spent many years at sea both above and below the waves, we recognise what human activities have done to this special place particularly regarding the presence of UXO and explosive remnants of war. We are passionate about our responsibilities in safeguarding the marine environment and are committed to delivering intelligent solutions that safely minimize any impact caused by UXO clearance operations.  

Whilst having a full range of explosive ordnance disposal capabilities to meet any potential challenge, we have made it our mission to move away from deliberate high order detonation for UXO disposal operations; a process whereby intact munitions are caused to detonate to their intended capacity by placing and firing a large bulk explosive counter charge next to the UXO target. This outdated and somewhat heavy handed process causes considerable damage to the marine habitat and despite proactive mitigation methods it can never fully ensure that marine mammals and other inhabitants are completely out of harms way when a UXO munition is removed by high order detonation. 

High Order Detonation

Low Order Deflagration

Contrasting pictures showing a 500kg air dropped bomb high ordering in 26msw and a second 500kg air dropped bomb low ordered at the same depth.

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