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Andy Ward - 01/07/2021

Recent months have seen a flurry of tendering activity for new renewables projects including the East Anglia Hub, Sofia and Dogger Bank OWFs. All of these have to consider the risk posed by UXO and how this can be safely dealt with paying due regard to minimising any environmental disturbance.

A couple of well-thumbed references from CIRIA and the Carbon Trust give valuable advice as to how best to mitigate the UXO risk and most of this is a well-trodden path.



A modern military answer to an historical problem

WIND ENERGY NETWORK - issue 47 - 2019

Wind Energy Magazine 2019.png


OGV's Interview with EODEX's Andrew Woollven & Stephen Vernon during the Subsea Expo event in Aberdeen last week.

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Interview OGV.jpg


Stands up and we are ready for action! Come and see us a stand 33 Subsea Expo - The worlds Leading Subsea Exhibition and Conference 11-13 February 2020, P&J Live, Aberdeen 


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Green energy is the way ahead and EODEX play a big part in the risk mitigation processes of building the offshore wind farms that will supply the bulk of the green energy.

Disposing of seabed Unexploded Ordnance in wind farm or cable connector locations requires an equally green solution. EODEX have the unique ability to provide Low Order deflagration of UXO items delivering a huge reduction in noise and contamination. Don't understand deflagration vs detonation? Explanation to follow . . . 

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Green Energy is best.6.10.20.png


In readiness for EODEX's next marine UXO projects we assembled some serious marine EOD experience for refresher training and accreditation at Alfords Technology site. Over 300 years of combined RN and commercial experience in one room takes some beating! 

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Refresher Training at Alfords. 22.09.20.


Fantastic effort by the Polish Navy divers in their efforts to render safe the Tallboy bomb yesterday. Congratulations also to the team from ALFORD Group for their undoubted technical expertise and assistance. We look forward to seeing the full results but its pretty obvious that complete High Order detonation was avoided and deflagration of a significant amount of the explosive fill was achieved. 


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Low Order = Deflagration = quiet and gentle || High Order = Detonation = noisy and powerful

In our previous post about the UK PM's aspiration for green energy we mentioned our ability to carry out 'green' EOD by deflagrating an item of UXO rather than the usual detonation. 
Deflagration is a gentle process which uses a much smaller explosive charge in the EOD tool and allows us to break the target open and make it safe for removal. It avoids the noisy and potentially harmful High Order detonation and the sea is a happier place.


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Low Order.No.One.7.10.2020.jpg
Low Order.No.Two.7.10.2020.jpg



WIND ENERGY NETWORK - issue 56 - 2021

Following Joanna Lumley's stop sea blasts campaign and a direct plea to offshore wind developers and licencing regulator highlights the need to look at alternative means of UXO disposal.

Read More



For those who may have missed it, here is the soundbite from BBC Radio4's Today programme featuring Joanna Lumley discussing Low Order EOD techniques in the marine environment. 

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Following our recent posts about the use of Low Order Deflagration and our partnership with ALFORD Group we're really pleased that the wonderful Joanna Lumley has taken on the cause for protection of the marine environment and spoke so passionately about the subject on BBC Radio 4's Today programme this morning.


Major newspapers also picked up, The Telegraph covered it well here, and if you want any more information about our pioneering use of this military technology in the commercial environment please give us a call on 0207 971 1298 or drop us a line at:

The Telegraph - Joanna Lumley.png


Although we're busy at EODEX preparing for our next major marine UXO project in November (what is that project I hear you ask? - update to follow, watch this space...) we've been busy with some other smaller, but no less important projects. A small team continued to assist the ongoing civil engineering project at Barrow where work is underway for the Successor programme. 

Need UXO or EOD support for your civil project? Give us a call at EODEX on 0207 971 1298 or email 


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Busy Time at Eodex Oct 20.jpg


EODEX can offer the world’s leading deflagration equipment and techniques which have a proven track record of 1000’s of safe and effective disposals.

EODEX are incredibly pleased at the recent positivity towards the environmentally friendly form of bomb disposal we’re pioneering for use in the commercial environment. 


The Guardian

Joanna Lumley has urged Boris Johnson to stop the “needless” detonation of wartime bombs at sea because it can cause deafness and even death in vulnerable whales and dolphins.

In a letter to the prime minister and his fiancee, Carrie Symonds, who is a conservationist and animal welfare campaigner, the actor describes underwater explosions used to clear ordnance ahead of windfarm construction in the UK as “truly shocking in scale”, with a “devastating impact” on marine mammals.

Joanna Lumbley - gaurdian .jpg

Joanna Lumley describes underwater explosions as ‘truly shocking in scale’, with a ‘devastating impact’ on marine mammals. Photograph: Jason Alden/Rex/Shutterstock

After many months of hard work, organisation and perseverance, not to mention some well-received external assistance, EODEX are pleased to announce that they have received UK Accreditation Service recognition for their Business Management systems.

Scottish MPs have joined calls for the UK government to tighten regulations to ensure offshore wind farm developers dispose of unexploded mines and bombs littering the seabed in a way that doesn’t harm marine wildlife such as dolphins, whales and porpoises.

Estimates suggest there are around 100,000 tonnes of explosives in the seas surrounding the UK, many of the devices left over from the Second World War.

FMS - 13/10/2021

First Marine Solutions has announced a new collaborative partnership with EODEX UK LTD

FMS, part of the 1st Tech Group, will operate on “preferred supplier” basis with EODEX on future marine projects. EODEX specialises in the green disposal of Unexploded Ordnance.

Another New Exciting Project!  

Jenny Morrison - 13/10/2021

We're off to another project…EODEX are in Europe again this week continuing with diving operations. How great are these action shots?! 🤿🌊📸

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