1. Seabed preparation and survey support to UXO identification and classification using ROV and/or diver.



EODEX sits as a leading technical authority on providing technical solutions for marine UXO clearance & mitigation. 


Our operators are capable of operating in the most challenging environmental conditions including nil-visibility and strong tidal streams from the high water mark out to deep water.


We are able to identify potential UXO targets (pUXO) that are located as proud, partially buried or buried targets. 


These potential targets form an integrated target list where our teams are able to classify using ROV and/or diver through non-intrusive dredging processes. 

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2. UXO removal and disposal 



Ordnance can be safely destroyed in situ or removed using our remote ordnance lifting system for destruction in a safe designated area. 


All our disposal activities pay full regard to the environmental requirements and fully observe the mitigation measures required to protect marine life. Delivering our capability through Alford Technologies unique deflagration technique, the disruption to the marine environment is minimised for all our disposal operations.

Any remaining explosive residue and metal components are recovered using our specialist collection system for safe disposal ashore, thereby not violently disturbing the seabed and minimising any negative impact on the marine environment. 

3. Reactive EOD Operations 



The flexibility, resilience and in-house capabilities built into our organisation enables our operators to respond within 24hours to any reactive emergency tasking. 


Subject to a customer’s marine licence, we are able to ensure that any immediate UXO problem can be dealt with quickly, effectively and safely.

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