1. Explosive decommissioning of subsea structures and seabed infrastructure



The decommissioning of ageing subsea structures and seabed infrastructure present an enormous challenge to the offshore industry. 


Precise explosive cutting using linear shaped charges offers a modern, reliable and safe solution over traditional cold cutting techniques. 


EODEX supported by the technical excellence of Alford Technologies has the experience and capability to deliver tailored explosive cutting solutions for the most challenging of decommissioning programs.


2. Subsea Boulder Demolition


Should the requirement extend to troublesome boulder mitigation EODEX has the ability to demolish large boulders, either to a manageable size for follow on removal or complete destruction.  Our selection of shaped charge explosives minimize the amount of explosive used and also offer solutions where DPII vessels and their grabs would not normally be able to operate. 


As with all our underwater explosive activities, full regard is paid to the environmental requirements to ensure the absolute safety of marine life. Our specialist explosive tools provide outstanding utility with minimum impact on the marine habitat.

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