EODEX and Alford Technologies have a strong and stable management team who have a wealth of experience in their respective fields. Committed to delivering excellence across all aspects of our UXO service provision, we pride ourselves on driving innovative technical solutions in challenging environments, providing outstanding customer service and using the very best personnel and equipment to support key customer requirements. 


Our ability to operate safely and reliably all over the world is the foundation of our operational excellence and our business performance.


In a world where there is increasing demand for environmentally considerate, safe, cost effective UXO solutions, EODEX and Alford Technologies stand at the forefront of this specialist niche market and will continue to follow a management strategy that best allows us to deliver against future requirements. 



A former Royal Navy Commander and head of UK Defence diving training, he is a specialist clearance diver in his own right, bringing over 30 years of military experience into this niche area of the commercial offshore market.               


"Our philosophy is to be able to provide the same unmatched military capability for the commercial subsea sector to be used in the most demanding specialist offshore clearance operations. The Royal Navy is recognised as having the very best underwater mine countermeasures capability in the world and central to this are the Royal Navy Clearance Divers who have proven themselves time and time again in operations and combat. EODEX and Alford Technologies bring these unique skill sets, techniques, specialist tools and equipment into the commercial arena delivering unmatched environmental safeguarding, improved safety and significant cost efficiencies.” 



Operations to safely dispose of maritime UXO have increased significantly following the recent surge in the global demand for offshore renewable energy development. 


Decommissioning old subsea structures and seabed infrastructures safely and efficiently has reopened the discussion to explore the next generation of safe and reliable explosive cutting solutions. 


EODEX is a specialist company that brings together the best military procedures undertaken by the very best former military operators. We are a globally focused organisation offering the very latest world-class capabilities to deliver bespoke tailored solutions to support any underwater operation requiring explosive techniques.


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