Article Written by Andy Ward

EODEX can offer the world’s leading deflagration equipment and techniques which have a proven track record of 1000’s of safe and effective disposals.

EODEX are incredibly pleased at the recent positivity towards the environmentally friendly form of bomb disposal we’re pioneering for use in the commercial environment. 

The latest media articles on Good Morning Britain, BBC2’s Politics live, Times Radio and Channel 5 News fronted by our friend and renowned campaigner, Joanna Lumley really raise awareness of our world-beating Low Order Deflagration system.


Our technique is optimised to offer the most gentle form of bomb disposal and we avoid detonation of seabed munitions whenever possible.

Our formal partnership with Alford Technologies means that EODEX are the only commercial organisation with unique access to the world’s leading Low Order Deflagration system which has a proven track history of 1000’s of successful firings.

In use with the bomb disposal teams of the Royal Navy, US Navy and 15 of the worlds other leading military forces, EODEX provide this system for use where commercial EOD is required such as Offshore Wind Farms, interconnector routes or other marine intrusive projects. It offers a massive decrease in explosive noise through the water and is significantly less harmful to whales, dolphins and all other forms of sea life.

Joanna is leading the way for the #StopSeaBlasts campaign which is championing the use of this more gentle and environmentally-friendly form of bomb disposal. Of course, not every target item on every project is suitable for deflagration or even disposal which is why EODEX offer the full range of disposal techniques and can even lift and move confirmed items out of the way so as not to hinder or delay the drive for green energy.

Over 102,000 people, including significant numbers of our Members of Parliament have signed the petition and the number is growing every day.


Green energy demands a green solution and only EODEX can offer the world’s leading deflagration technique.


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